John G Smith - British historical fiction author, poet and autobiographer


Welcome to my website.  I hope you find it useful as a resource for information about my books and my latest work.  Please do get in touch if there is anything you’d like to ask or discuss.  Thanks for visiting.

Historical Fiction Author With A Passion For Travel

Historical fiction author John G Smith is a British writer whose passion for travel and history are the inspiration for his autobiographies, original poetry, and novels. As new British author he enjoys sharing stories of love, loss, feast, and famine from the far flung shores of Myanmar, to the beautiful dales of Derbyshire.  

Latest Titles

New: Pearl – A Sequel To Eugene

John’s new novel ‘Pearl’ is the long awaited follow up to his debut novel ‘Eugene’.  Pearl is a thrilling and touching story about a woman’s quest to clear the name of a dear friend – a friend not around to defend their reputation.  It’s a classic modern detective story which sees Pearl retrace Eugene’s life, desperately searching for whatever it takes to clear his name.

New Children’s Book:  – The Adventures of Eugene

Great for young minds looking for a tale of adventure! Follow Eugene on his travels from humble beginnings as a butcher’s boy in rural Britain, to the jungles of deepest darkest Burma.  And see what you make of a life on his return with mysterious car crashes and rumours of murder. Easy to read, loads to enjoy. And some cool pictures


Bookbag : “Eugene offers us a seamless meld of historical fiction and encyclopaedic knowledge that puts it above many debut novels; most definitely well worth a read.”


That’s Books & Entertainment : ” Eugene is is a well-written and very moving novel.”


Content Delivery: ” Pearl. What a cracking story and the new characters, Marcus, Alice, Luke and Neil all seemed very real and believable. Thoroughly recommended”