Latest Book: Pearl – A Classic Detective Story

Latest Book: Pearl – A Classic Detective Story

With so many questions left unanswered at the end of Eugene readers will be be delighted to know the wait for a sequel is over. The latest book ‘Pearl’ picks up right where Eugene left off. We find a grieving Pearl coming to terms with her loss and struggling to make sense of everything. There are accusations of murder and revelations of a significant inheritance. And what develops is a classic modern detective story as Pearl moves to clear Eugene’s name. She is an amateur sleuth with only a Burmese student Kyaw to help her. The odds of success are slim and at times her faith is sorely tested. But it wouldn’t do to doubt her resolve and resourcefulness.

Early reviews are very positive.

” I had to read Pearl as soon as published because the question of whether Eugene was a murderer as accused has haunted me. Now I feel vindicated. What a cracking story and the new characters, Marcus, Alice, Luke and Neil all seemed very real and believable. Thoroughly recommended.”
Sarah, Jun 2018

“I have finished Pearl. I enjoyed it so much. The research must have been extensive. I was so hooked I woke at 4.15am in the morning and just had to finish the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Content, April 2018

Pearl is now available on Amazon and as paperback. And on Amazon as an ebook.”

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Book Details:
Pearl – John G Smith
Fiction: Paperback / Digital Download
Publisher: (16 Mar. 2018)
ISBN 10: 0244665613
ISBN 13: 978-0244665616
Language English

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