Pearl – A Classic Modern Detective Story 

Pearl, the sequel to Eugene, is a classic modern detective story that picks up right where we left off. We find Pearl struggling to accept that her deceased friend Eugene committed multiple murders back in 1956. She is merely an amateur sleuth with only a Burmese student Kyaw to help delve into the past. The odds of success are slim and at times her faith is sorely tested. Conversely Marcus, a successful stock market day trader, has a burning moral obligation to prove that Eugene was a killer. It is the unexpected that shocks.


A piece of paper that changed everything.

Picture the scene. A bitterly cold winter’s day. A graveside. Pearl has thrown a handful of soil onto the coffin. She is weeping. Her friend had died suddenly. She wasn’t even in the country, never mind his cottage near Brighton. She is still staring at the nameplate “Eugene Whitby 1927 – 2015” when a stranger hands her an envelope. The note inside remains unread for days. The chain of events unleashed by the contents of that single piece of paper will shape her life for ever. 


Whatever it takes.

Pearl is a thrilling and touching story about a woman’s quest to clear the name of a dear friend – a friend not around to defend their reputation. We follow Pearl as she retraces Eugene’s life desperately searching for whatever it takes to clear his name.


About Eugene – A Standout Historical Fiction Novel

Pearl is the sequel to Eugene which is described as one of the best historical fiction novels of recent times.  A Burmese love story that will have readers hooked from the first page right through to the last. Black market trading, business coercion and corruption are rife – with murderous consequences.  Love is gained and lost. There is happiness and heartache, but above all: regret.

More than a Myanmar love story –  Eugene is a first-hand account of the seismic change in society in post-war Britain. 

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Excerpt - Life Was Good And Could Only Get Better.

She didn’t say anything to Kyaw because it was her very personal memory and to share would be to dilute but this was the same seat she and dear Eugene had sat on that day as they watched a dog chase its tail. Was it so long ago? Their chance of bagging it earlier in the day would have been nil, but at a little after eight pm, all the summer visitors had either gone home or were back in their hotel taking dinner. These evening daylight hours were such a surprise to Kyaw. “I have never known the sun to hang around for so long, doesn’t it get tired?” The two worldly ladies smiled at each other and the waves of the incoming tide rolled the pebbles back and forth as in peaceful accord. Life was good and could only get better.

Excerpt - Cold Case Review

Alice was saying that there had been a set-back that she now realised was to be expected in a cold case review of this type but also a consequential and promising line of enquiry had opened up. Given the absence of DNA evidence, his thoughts arising from reading a newspaper article that watermarks might produce some link to events all those years ago, had taken root. As is often the case, it had taken a bit of luck for things to get moving. It would be so easy to get carried away with the theories of his granddad, worthy as they might seem and fruitful as they could have been had the case not be dropped.

Excerpt - An Inheritance.

After a pause, Aung broke his silence. “Young man, I learnt only recently that my father was an English airman. You can imagine the shock. My late wife never knew. Like me, she believed the story that I had been adopted as a baby. Now I know the truth, I have agreed to help Miss Bennett and my daughter Naing uncover what has led to my late father’s life being scrutinised. It is particularly important for this reason. Miss Bennett was left a lot of money by my father and we all think that he wanted her to give some of it away. He wanted his inheritance to get to his wartime sweetheart’s family, if humanly possible. Not to me personally I should add but to the villagers who still have very little. I am comfortably off. On the plane coming over, we talked about some sort of memorial to my late mother Chit such as a bursary for the next Kyaw who comes along. As Miss Bennett – sorry, she keeps drumming it into me, I mean Pearl – said, she wants us all to be friends, no matter what has happened. And, one specific issue has turned up which she can explain”. Luke turned to look directly at Pearl. “OK, I will help if I can if only for the sake of Kyaw; fire away”.


By CD, Apr 2018

I had to read Pearl as soon as published because the question of whether Eugene was a murderer as accused has haunted me. Now I feel vindicated. What a cracking story and the new characters, Marcus, Alice, Luke and Neil all seemed very real and believable. Thoroughly recommended.

By Sarah, Jun 2018

I have finished Pearl. I enjoyed it so much. The research must have been extensive. I was so hooked I woke at 4.15am in the morning and just had to finish the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pearl – John G Smith
Fiction: Paperback / Digital Download
Publisher: (16 Mar. 2018)
ISBN 10:  0244665613
ISBN 13: 978-0244665616
Language English

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