Poems About - original poetry by John G smith - book with 25 original poems

Poems About

In his original full length memoir “Violets”, John Smith punctuated the story with poems.  For the first time these poems are drawn together and supplemented by others that did not form part of that story.  This little book consists of twenty-five original poems.  Whilst each is about a specific person, time or event, the reader will be drawn into the theatre.  The beauty of a poem is that it may not be what it appears to be. Keep this collection handy. Time and again you will be drawn back to it.

Excerpt - Jackass Penguins

Jackass Penguins


waddle waddle
twig to take
hole in sand
egg to bake
Mrs Penguin
waiting there
beak to beak
braying air
just been swimming
drying coat
face from water
rollers broke
we in shrubland
private pair
mind your business
we don’t care
from this place
you cannot trace
where we go
our world you know
Oh little ones
Oh what a thrill
it’s we who’ll go
but see you still


Boulders Bay – South Africa – Jan 03

Excerpt - Downhill From Here

Downhill From Here


It’s all downhill from here
though the path’s not all that clear
The work’s all done
The future’s fun,
but, does one cry instead of cheer?


The brain’s a muscle in the head
needs exercise or else it’s dead
Were it to rest before it’s due
Would that be soul-destroying too?


In the past one might believe
The very best is “garden leave”
But, if one gardens permanently
Where lies the stimuli for me?


If ego never turned you on
and material trappings just a con
and ached for time to do your own
and money pots were properly stown
and kids all weaned
and health restored
and on the path to live like Lords


…… then what’s the problem, stupid man
get on with last-phase whilst you can
Perhaps it’s that – that’s just been said
when this last bit is put to bed,
what legacy – what footprint to leave behind?
or is that itself the ego find?


Was warned enough about the dread
That might creep up before one’s dead
So tally-ho, for here we go
Let’s press on with Microsoft Word
They’d understand, if they really cared


jgs   14 November 2002 (dedicated to Julia)

Reviews to follow shortly.

About Poems –  John G Smith
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Published by Lulu / Heathland Associates November 14, 2007
Language English – 60 pages

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  • John
    Posted at 09:37h, 11 August

    I like this poem. I’ve been to Boulders Beach and was amazed to see the penguins waddling in the sand and heat! Crazy, but then again if I remember the the sea water was ice cold on that side of the cape.