Book Copies Arrive!

Eugene - A Myanmar love story and historical fiction novel by John G Smith

Book Copies Arrive!

Just taken delivery of the first copies of ‘Eugene’. Fresh off the press and ready for the launch in September. Advance copies are now available to buy from Troubador (See link below) – and here’s how they describe it. “Eugene is a riveting account of triumph, turmoil, and ultimately tragedy. This novel will appeal to readers of historical novels; the forbidden love of a Burmese girl is woven throughout a historical narrative that details post-war Britain and the lives of the young men sent to the Far East making for an intriguing and fast-paced read.”

To view the Troubadour listing with an option to buy a copy and leave a review click Troubador Listing.

And here is a link to my blog post about the Advance Information for book retailers, libraries, and local bookshops.

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